Quantum Insight
For Venture Capital
There are three broad categories of services: deal sourcing, due-diligence and business strategy.

Targeted Deal Sourcing
We bring high quality and targeted deal flow to venture and corporate funds. Our deal-sourcing services, in conjunction with our investment due-diligence services, help investors identify interesting investment and acquisition opportunities.

Investment Due-Diligence
We reduce investment risk through our due-diligence process. We focus especially on the technology risk and its impact on the management and market risks. A due-diligence analysis by our multi-disciplinary team includes:
o Technology strength and weakness analysis
o Competitive and comparative survey
o Compatibility with industry standards
o Comparison with incumbent roadmaps
o Strength and coverage of IP

Business Strategy
Our business strategy services for investors provide post-investment growth strategy for their emerging technology portfolio companies. We work with the investors and the technology startup teams to chart their product and market roadmaps.

Our specialty is in using our global network for strategic business and market development to identify and enable new channels and opportunities for investors' portfolio companies.

Benefits of our services
· Objectivity: We are retained by and work for investors.
· Proven expertise: Accomplished multi-disciplinary team and networks.
· High quality deal flow: Deep sector knowledge and networks.
· Reduced investment risk: Early diagnosis of potential technology and competitive issues.
· Capital Efficiency: Global relationships accelerate strategic business development.