Quantum Insight
For Corporate
Companies have existing or new technologies in the areas of materials or nanotechnology. This IP can be monetized in multiple ways, but frequently remains unexploited. A challenge is to identify promising applications, channels and markets and to put together the appropriate relationships and business models.

We provide both strategic and tactical business & market development services to address that challenge.

Strategic Business and Market Development
Through our strategic business and market development services, companies can identify compelling application areas and markets for their technologies.

Quantum Insight reveals the appropriate financial and business metrics that enable the key decision makers in the formulation of their strategic plans. We help develop technical, financial, marketing, licensing, IP and product strategies, goals and milestones.

Our specialty is in using our global network for strategic business and market development to identify and enable new channels and opportunities for our customers.

Through our strategic business and market development services, we enable companies to monetize their technologies to create recurring revenue streams.

Tactical Business and Market Development
Even the best strategic plans are of limited value unless they are executed properly. We use our global network of business leaders, entrepreneurs, researchers and policy makers for accelerated business and market development.

We formulate the business terms and create business relationships with partners and customers. We identify, select and manage new partners, suppliers, collaborations and customers. We also play an active role in the development and execution of R&D, Intellectual Property, application development and commercial contracts.

Through our services, our corporate customers confidently build new businesses in the area of emerging materials and nanotechnology.

Benefits of our services
· Rapid path to commercialization and revenue.
· Capital Efficiency: Global relationships accelerate strategic business development.
· Reduced risk: Early diagnosis of potential technology and competitive issues.
· Effective implementation of strategic plans.